August Rush
August Rush.
-- A cute little boy keeps finding love by music, believe it will leading him to his parents.
August Rush
his father is a charismatic Irish singer-songwriter of a band , his mother is a famous cellist,
and he is musical genius.
Good music , but the story of boy's intelligent in music is exaggerative.
The road boy walked is winding ,filling with difficulties ,
but it's also the road he went toward music and his parents.


-- Love, life,
What kind of love/ life do you like ?
It gives many different points of view of love,
love is not only for two persons,even for three persons.
you want a stimulative or smooth and stable romance ?
immutable and frozen life or not steady but interesting life?
I used to believe that everything should go with following my plan.
but I hope my life isn 't full of boring and immutable.
It's so contradiction between my words and heart.
Maybe I am the person who is similar to Vicky,
do anything after planning , pursue the goal of steady life and is not satisfied with present situation.
but Vicky is still content with things as they are, went back to New York with her husband.

Travel makes people thinking and brave and you can find out real self.
It also create many special experiences.
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